Scorpion Control – Keep the Little Devils Out

SCORPION CONTROL — Keeping scorpions away from your home can be an ongoing battle. The best way for scorpion control is to keep the little devils from getting in. Whether it’s in the summer during peak activity or the winter when they are trying to get out of the cold, scorpions are always looking for ways to enter your home. Here are a few of the best ways to scorpion proof your home throughout the year:

  1. Remove all debris from around your home. Scorpions love hiding places, and piles of leaves, stones, wood, and even overgrown bushes make perfect homes for scorpions to protect themselves and hunt other creatures as well.
  2. Use caulk to seal any cracks or gaps between your home and concrete extensions such as patios or front porches. Scorpions love the gaps beneath concrete. It’s warm and protected and the perfect place to hide out.
  3. Make sure that the weather stripping around your exterior doors is in good shape and fits tightly. This keeps scorpions from being able to wiggle under doors and enter garages and homes.
  4. Cover any vents to the outdoors with a screen. This not only keeps scorpions out, it also keeps out other bugs and pests!
  5. Replace your door sweeps. Scorpions only need 1/16 of an inch to get underneath a door so make sure your doors fit tightly and seal your home from the outside.

Above all, make sure that you maintain your efforts for scorpion control. Screens get damaged, debris piles up around your yard and caulk breaks down as it’s exposed to the elements. No matter what the time of year, scorpions are seeking a place to either warm up or cool down. Your home is the perfect temperature controlled environment. For scorpion control and and to keep your home secure, maintain your pest control efforts year round. Call us at 520-393-3352. We can help!

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