5 Spiders You Don’t Want Shacking Up in Your Home

No matter how big of a Spiderman fan you are, chances are good you are not into the idea of playing host to these creepy-crawlies. Aside from the obvious ick factor, some of these spiders can cause serious issues and some can even make you sick! These are the five most common Arizona spiders and what you need to know about them to keep your home and yourself protected.

Wolf Spiders. Wolf spiders are big, hairy and sometimes scary, but mostly harmless, which isn’t to say you want to come across one on a late-night bathroom run! They will bite if they feel threatened and their jaws are big enough that they might tear the skin. The symptoms of the bite are mild, just swelling and some pain. The bite might also turn black or your lymph nodes might swell. However, this isn’t a bite that will cause serious or long lasting issues and typically the bite will be gone within 10 days.

Black-and-Yellow Garden Spider. You’ll tend to find these guys in open fields, higher brush, or in your garden. They are not considered dangerous to humans and a bite will result only in a mild reaction. They do get pretty big, a female will grow to over an inch long! You can recognize them by their distinctive yellow pattern.

Banded Garden Spider. Generally, Banded Garden Spiders hang out (as you may have guessed) in gardens. While not the biggest spider species you’ll run across, females will grow to between 10-26 mm long and males will grow to between 4-6 mm long. They are not aggressive arachnids, and even if you do receive a bite from a female, it will cause no more discomfort or danger than a bee sting.

Arizona Brown Recluse. These nasty little buggers grow to between 6 and 20 mm long. They are generally shy and non-aggressive and tend to lurk in dry and undisturbed places. You’ll usually find them in cellars, attics, closets or garages under boxes or behind seldom-used belongings. Bites from this species might not be immediately painful but they can become dangerous. In rare cases they can cause necrosis or other serious problems. If you receive a bite, keep an eye on it and seek medical attention. Most bites occur when the spider is being pressed to the skin when putting on clothing that has been on the floor for a few days or not worn for awhile. It’s a good idea to shake out your clothes before putting them on (just in case).

Black Widow. Probably one of the more famous of the spider species, black widows are not a spider to take lightly. Their bites are almost never fatal and only a female’s bite is dangerous to humans. It does hurt pretty badly though, so consult a doctor if you are bitten and you can be given anti-venom for the pain. Most of the symptoms such as abdominal cramps, muscle spasms, and severe muscle pain will dissipate within 3-7 days.

Whether you think these creatures are cool or creepy, there’s no denying that you do not want your home turned into a spider habitat. If you’ve run across too many of these Arizona spiders, it’s time to call us at 520-393-3352 for a quote today and see why we’re the perfect solution for Arizona pest control!

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