INSECTS RETURN ENGAGEMENT — After a brief Southern Arizona winter, you probably aren’t complaining about the recent warmer temperatures, but your attitude might change once those pesky insects come a-knockin’.

Vaughn Smith is the manager of GreenShield Pest Control home office in Tucson. “We already treated a home with a serious black-widow issue,” he reports.

Fortunately for those homeowners, the GreenShield team of technicians got the possible life-threatening situation under control and the now the deadly and creepy spiders are history.

However, as Spring approaches, Vaughn says to expect to see more bugs. “Lots of ‘em!”

“In our little corner of the universe, bug season is really all year long,” Vaughn said, “but things step up once Spring and Summer arrive. Count on it. It’s best to get ahead of what’s coming.”

Ants, for example, aren’t easy to keep out. The hungry little guys only need 1/64 of an inch to sneak in and invade your home. Not fun.

“They’re like water in concrete, they will find a crack,” he said. “They could be traveling across the street just to get to your gummy bear.

“A couple of swats won’t keep ‘em away — your best bet is to call  the experts here at GreenShield Pest Control (520-393-3352). We can control those pesky little fellas before they move in and make your house their home.” Nasty thought.

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